Customs Agency

We have been guiding our business partners through customs procedures since 2004

<p>Customs Agency</p>

Our team of customs agents has many years of experience in the field of customs issues
and logistics as well as an extensive knowledge of EU regulations governing international trade in goods. We provide assistance to all interested economic entities at any time.

  • We meticulously make customs declarations and help in solving complex customs issues.
  • Our offices are located close to the offices of the Customs Offices in Gdynia port.
  • That enables us to have a direct influence on the coordination of activities related to customs clearance. We can also react quickly to problems reported by customs officials.
  • We help to choose only the best solutions existing in the international trade of goods.
<p>Customs Agency</p>
<p>Customs Agency</p>
  • We have an AEO certificate.
  • We provide the possibility of assigning an intrastat declaration to our customs agency.
  • For many years, we have been working with the Polish-speaking Customs Agency in Germany (our clients carry out fiscal clearance
    in Germany, allowing the VAT payment after the sale of the goods).
<p>Customs Agency</p>
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<p>Customs Agency</p>
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