Oversize transport

<p>Oversize transport</p>

Oversize transport requires us to be well organized and to choose the right means of transport and routes. It is regulated by law – to transport such loads, you need the appropriate permits.

That is why in MAGEMAR LOGISTICS, we focus on comprehensive, complete solutions in the field of transporting oversized and heavy loads.

  • We take into account standards outlined in applicable regulations.
  • We select and advise the most optimal methods of transporting oversized cargo.
  • We plan routes excluding all kinds of obstacles.
  • We insure the transported cargo, if necessary.
  • We are aware that every single oversized transport may vary, therefore we approach every order individually.

* Oversize transport is the transport of goods that exceed certain standards specified in the regulations.

It includes goods that exceed 2.5 m in width, 4 m in height or 16.5 m (semi-trailer) or 18.5 m (trailer) in length. It also transports loads heavier than 42 tons.

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