Road Transport

Our freight forwarding in road transport is based primarily on cooperation with partners who have a good reputation and are trustworthy on transport services' market.

<p>Road Transport</p>

We provide comprehensive shipment services throughout the country and in the import / export areas across Europe and beyond.

  • We organize full truckload transport on 13.6 m semi-trailers up to 24 tons of capacity.
  • We also organize partial transport and added loads across Europe and beyond.
  • We transport goods: ADR, oversized and containerized.
  • We organize domestic and international transport of loose goods
    on self-unloading trailers.
  • We assist during customs clearance
    at border points. We also organize transport on the T1 document.
<p>Road Transport</p>
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<p>Road Transport</p>
<p>Road Transport</p>
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