Maritime transport

Container transport is characterized by exceptional regularity, punctuality and flexibility of loading possibilities.

<p>Maritime transport</p>

Currently, the container transport network covers most ports, and the extensive range of types offered for container transport allows us to transport virtually any cargo from any place in the world.


We also deal with unitized/pallet cargo transport, which allows for quick transport of small loads that do not occupy the entire container, but only a part of it (e.g. one pallet). It is a convenience of planning, savings and a safe transport guarantee. In addition, we offer door-to-door services on very attractive terms. Feel free to contact and consult our specialists at MAGEMAR LOGISTICS.

  • We organize transport in the areas of import and export.
  • We offer a free consultation with MAGEMAR LOGISTICS specialists regarding the organization of maritime transport, both commercial and transport documentation, customs and tax matters and issues related to the delivery terms in foreign trade. We also organize transport by charter ships.
    We cooperate with all shipowners and their representatives.
<p>Maritime transport</p>
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<p>Maritime transport</p>
<p>Maritime transport</p>
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