Transport Of Dangerous Goods

We deal with the organization of ADR transport - both domestic and international. We ensure the selection of vehicle suitable for a given type of cargo.

<p>Transport Of Dangerous Goods</p>
  • We have many years of experience
    in the transport of hazardous materials.
  • We verify the classification of hazardous materials.
  • We designate the ADR transport method and define the transport conditions.
  • We do not ignore any safety rules.
  • We select the appropriate vehicle for a given type of cargo.
  • We prepare the documentation required.
  • We use professional labeling. As a result, all road users are informed about the type of material currently being transported.
<p>Transport Of Dangerous Goods</p>
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<p>Transport Of Dangerous Goods</p>
<p>Transport Of Dangerous Goods</p>
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